Analytics System

Deep-dive into each students' strengths and weaknesses,
personalize teaching and learning for all.

Personalize Teaching & Learning

Every student is unique in their learning capabilities. Our assessment analytics system empowers teachers to dive deeper into each student's strengths and weakenesses to make more informed decisions.

Powerful Data Visualization

From topic mastery to trends and even correlations, we display the most relevant metrics and insights through interactive and easy-to-understand charts that will enable most teachers to interpret with ease. Such insights allow teachers to improve their teaching by personalizing lesson plans and tailoring remedial classes.

Data Analysis

Automatic Report Generation

Streamline reporting to students, parents, management and other stakeholders - all within a few clicks. Our assessment analytics system act as digital dashboards, but also allow teachers to automatically generate fully customizable reports to meet their reporting needs.

Seamless Data Integration

Integrate your excel data directly into our portal all within a few clicks. If you have other sources of data, our system is fully customizable to meet your unique needs.

Data Integration

Secure Data Management

We hear your concerns regarding data security and confidentiality, and therefore hold high standards in ensuring the appropriate practices are in place. From data encryption to server hardening and more, we do our very best in compliance to MOE's requirements whilst not infringing on the PDPA Act.

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