Automated Forms

Set up automated multi-level form approval workflows
to save time and increase productivity.

Simplify the Way You Work

Customise each form based on your specific workloads - add and remove appropriate approvers, review form submissions, and receive notifications for each stage completion in the online approval workflow. Especially useful for keeping digital records, and automating routing of forms to relevant personnel for approval.

Greater Clarity

Ensures that both the submitter and approval are aware of the status of the submission. Automatic email notifications can be configured for different stages: upon submission of a form, after it has been either approved or denied and when the final completion status has been updated.

Chat bot automation

Secure Data Management

We hear your concerns regarding data security and confidentiality, and therefore hold high standards in ensuring the appropriate practices are in place. From data encryption to server hardening and more, we have necessary measures in place to comply with MOE's requirements whilst not infringing on the PDPA Act.

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