Chat Bots

Streamline communication amongst all staff
and automate routine workflows.

Broadcast Messages, Conduct Polls and More

Looking to quickly send messages to a specific class or department? Or perhaps you would like to make an announcement or send an update to a group of staff or students? Thinking of conducting quick polls and gather results with ease? Ensure fast and effective communication with our intelligent chatbots, without having to download new apps.

Protect Your Privacy

With our chatbots in place, you have the option not to reveal their mobile numbers to students or parents. Ensure professional communication through a designated channel, enjoy the benefits of instant messaging whilst retaining your personal information.


Integration with Your Familiar Apps

Our chatbots integrates with popular messaging apps such as Telegram and Hangouts Chat which you might already be familiar with. Regardless what your school's preferred communication platform is, we will work together closely to ensure smooth integration and adoption amongst all staff.

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