Facility Booking

Online facilities booking system
for the smart school.

Streamline Your Bookings with Ease

Schedule room bookings on the go via your smartphones or laptops with ease. Furthermore, our system helps to prevent double booking, and automatically checks for any conflicts to prevent confusion.

Integrates with Your School's Timetable

Regardless whether your school is using ASC Timetables or Cockpit Timetabling System, our intelligent system allows you to upload your timetable easily to automatically populate rooms and bookings with just a few clicks. Should there be a change in your timetable, simply re-upload - worry no more about any booking conflicts.

Seamless Integration

User Permissions & Automatic Notifications

With multi-user roles and permissions, specific rooms can be configured to require approval by administrators. This helps to prevent over-booking of certain resources and ensures that they are carefully managed. In addition, our system also sends out automatic emails and/or push notifications to inform users and administrators of their booking and approval statuses.

Secure Data Management

We hear your concerns regarding data security and confidentiality, and therefore hold high standards in ensuring the appropriate practices are in place. From data encryption to server hardening and more, we do our very best in compliance to MOE's requirements whilst not infringing on the PDPA Act.


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