Individualized Student

Automate the generation of personalised student timetable,
provide greater clarity and encourage cross-stream mixing.

Customised for Subject-Based Banding (SBB)

Regardless whether your school is planning for your incoming intake of SBB students or has already embarked on your full-SBB journeys, our personalized timetable helps to ensure clarity in your timetables for student, parents and teachers. This prevents any operational hiccups during the first few weeks of each school term, and helps to prevent social segragation amongst students from different streams.

Seamless Timetable Integration

Regardless whether your school is using ASC or Cockpit Timetable, our system can seamlessly integrate with your timetable data directly to generate the individualized timetable.

Go-Green & Save Paper

Instead of printing hardcopy timetables, we can automatically send out each individualized timetable to every individual student via email, saving your time and costs.

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