Social Network

Uncovering student relationships within classrooms
to improve educational and learning outcomes.

Better Understanding of Student Relations

Social Network Analysis (SNA) helps educators better understand student relationships within and beyond classrooms. Our system is designed with a user-friendly interface, empowering teachers to easily generate sociograms and understand student-to-student relationships within classrooms.

Early Identification of At-Risk Students

Through the identification of cliques and isolates, the sociogram helps teachers easily identify potential cliques and outliers, who often require more attention.

Early Identification

Automatic Report Generation

Individual class reports can be automatically generated for sharing amongst respective form teachers, to provide them valuable insights to take appropriate actions and improve educational outcomes. Furthermore, students' academic and behaviourial indicators can also be mapped over each sociogram which provide other valuable insights.

Seamless Data Integration

Integrate your school's data directly in our portal all within a few clicks. If you have other sources of excel data, our system is fully customisable to allow you to upload various sources of data with ease.

Data Integration System

Secure Data Management

Given the sensitivity of students' data, our intelligent system does not store any data it our databases as it runs directly on your own browser which you can access directly from your school devices - making it exceptionally safe and secure.

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