Student Registration

Digitalise and streamline your student registration

Convenience for All

Eliminate the need for physical interactions during the Covid-19 Pandemic by transforming your annual student registration exercise online. Our online student registration portal helps schools digitalise and automate the entire process with a one-stop portal, streamlining operational processes without needing parents/guardians to physically travel to the school. School staff can easy monitor the completion statuses of every student real-time, via an interactive dashboard.

Form Submissions & Information Dissemination

Digitalise your various application and acknowledgement forms (such as Mother Tongue Languages and Full Subject-based Banding) via a one-stop portal instead of having to work with hardcopy forms. Parents/guardians can have their child/ward's book list updated real-time, upon the submission of their preferred choices. Schools can easily disseminate key information to parents/guardians, so that they are well-prepared for their child/ward's first day of school.

User Friendly

Secure Data Management

Data security and confidentiality are of our utmost concern. We do not collect nor store any students' data in our cloud databases as it can be run directly from your school's devices.

User-Friendly & Mobile Responsive

Our portal is fully mobile responsive, which allows parents/guardians to access via their smartphones, tablets or laptops at their convenience. Our user-friendly interface also makes it easy for them to navigate and complete their child/ward's registration with ease.

User Friendly

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